Striking conservation message

Have you spotted our striking graffiti orangutan wall? We’ve drawn on the talents of Birmingham-based contemporary graffiti artist, David Brown, to help us emphasise vital conservation messages about the devastation palm oil is wreaking on this charismatic critically endangered species. David has produced four fantastic pieces of artwork on the wooden fencing of the new […]

Hello, Joe!

Our second baby Bornean orangutan is another boy, who keepers have named ‘JOE’ in a touching tribute to his maternal grandfather and great-grandfather. The youngster who was born to 11-year-old female, Sprout, on July 23, continues to be reared by Sprout’s mum, Jazz, alongside her own month-old baby boy, Jim, after her daughter struggled with […]

Supporting Sintang

Our Bornean orangutans here at DZC are amazing ambassadors for their cousins in the wild, but how are we helping orangutans in their native homeland? Did you know we’ve pledged our financial support to Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) in Indonesia, which specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of these charismatic creatures, alongside raising awareness […]

Gorgeous Jim!

Our three-week-old baby Bornean orangutan has been named by keepers, who settled on ‘JIM’ for our beautiful boy! And Jim has certainly amassed a lot of fans since his birth on June 25 and we’ve loved seeing your photographs of our newborn, who has been proudly shown off over the past few weeks by mum, […]

Loving our orangs!

Have you spotted our Bornean orangutans in their new enclosure this Love Your Zoo Week? We’re saying Thank You to everyone who has helped us bring our plans to fruition, especially the visitors who donated money towards our enclosure appeal and help us raise funds. It’s wonderful watching them take full advantage of the new […]

Work starts on new orang enclosure!

Work has started on the new outdoor orangutan enclosure and our Primate Keepers are leading the celebrations! The gardening team have cleared the adjacent empty enclosure in preparation for building work, which will see the area transformed for our Bornean orangutans, Benji, Jazz and Sprout. Zoo Director Derek Grove, said: “No one is more delighted […]

Ape workshop first

Four DZG primate keepers attended the first Great Ape Welfare Group Workshop, with one of our staff taking a starring role in the presentations. Pat Stevens, Jodie Dryden, Harley Hunt and Deb Pittaway took part in the one-day BIAZA event at Bristol Zoo Gardens which featured expert talks on how to provide the best care […]

Warm support from Iceland

Warm-hearted Dudley staff from frozen food giant Iceland have pledged to support DZG’s orangs and our new enclosure appeal. The team from Iceland in the Churchill Shopping Centre has committed to helping the zoo’s orangs as an extension of the eco-friendly chain’s national campaign to save critically-endangered orangs in the wild. For the next year, […]

Choose eggs-tra carefully!

DZG is urging people to think eggs-tra carefully when buying sweet treats this Easter and say no to palm oil. Concerned keepers at Dudley Zoo say many chocolate eggs contain unsustainable palm oil which devastates the habitats of wild cousins of our two Sumatran tigers and four Bornean orangs. They say we should check the ingredients labels […]