Lemurs that Big Jubilee Lunch!

Not ones to miss out on the country’s celebrations, our black-and-white ruffed lemurs are looking forward to joining in The Big Jubilee Lunch today! Trainee Keeper, Laura Partridge made up a lemur-friendly picnic for our Lemur Wood boys as an extra special treat for an extra special occasion. All of our animals enjoy a delicious […]

Pandora, Prometheus and Primrose!

Upper Primates Keepers have finally been able to catch up with our trio of infant black-and-white ruffed lemurs and discovered we have two girls and a boy! The male and female twins were born to Olivia and Broom back in February and have been named Pandora and Prometheus, with keepers keeping to the same Greek […]

Another birth!

We’ve had another baby arrive in the Small Primate House and we’re thrilled it’s our third critically endangered black-and-white ruffed lemur in two months! The youngster is the first offspring of 17 year-old mum, Anna and 15 year-old dad, Earl and was born on April 21 – eight weeks after we welcomed twins to fellow […]

Loving the lemurs!

Our free-roaming lemurs are loving their new-look home and we’ve had great feedback from visitors too! The one-acre walkthrough paddock, which opens each day from 11am, was relaunched a week ago following a £100,000 facelift and is home to more than 20 black-and-white ruffed, collared and ring-tailed lemurs – including two new arrivals… have you […]

Peepo baby!

Here’s definitely something to brighten your Monday morning…meet our very cute newborn baby black-and-white ruffed lemur! And that’s not all – as there’s another one hiding in the box as we’ve had twins! The babies were born to 17-year-old mum, Olivia and 25-year-old dad, Broom, on February 19 in the Small Primate House and have […]

What a crate pic!

DZG’s friendliest lemur Yoda was caught monkeying around after keepers finished preparing the day’s food for our primates. The cheeky 16-year-old black and white ruffed lemur hopped into the empty food crate while their backs were turned chopping up fruit and veg in the kitchen. And the colourful character, who loves interacting with our visitors, […]

Happy Black Country Day!

Black Country Day is ‘ere and we am set for a bostin’ time at Dudley Zoo. We’re flying the red, white and black flag at the top of Dudley Castle and have let a few of our black and white ruffed lemurs get their hands on smaller versions of the flag too. DZG’s Marketing Manager, […]

Hello little Zeus!

DZG primate keepers have discovered our baby black and white ruffed lemur is a boy – and have called him Zeus. And it’s a special day to reveal his name – as today is his mum AND dad’s birthday! The handsome baby male – the first black and white ruffed born at DZG for 21 […]

Rare baby makes appearance

DZG is delighted to announce we’ve had our first black and white ruffed lemur birth in 21 years. The gorgeous baby lemur was born a couple of weeks ago but has only just popped out of its nesting box. The young black and white ruffed lemur – which are classed as critically endangered in the […]