More baby news!

We have some happy news to share…. Say hello to our baby binturong! The baby was born to two-year-old, Coco and five-year-old Elliot earlier this month and is the first baby binturong to be born at DZC in our 85-year history! Mum and baby are doing really well!

Ellie’s sorted her snacks!

Sweetcorn-loving Ellie has her snacks sorted for this week’s open-air cinema events! As a special enrichment treat, keepers popped the binturong’s favourite sweetcorn kernels in the microwave, before serving the unflavoured treat to the four-year-old, who enjoyed a nibble! Senior Keeper Josh Luxton, said: “Sweetcorn is Ellie’s favourite food and we often spot her stealing […]

World Binturong Day 2021

This World Binturong Day we’re sharing this cute video of Ellie tucking into her favourite sweetcorn! She loves sweetcorn so much, she even steals it from den mate, Connie, the Asian Palm Civet, when she’s not looking! Find out more about ABConservation, the only organisation in the world entirely dedicated to the study and protection […]