Bennetts wallaby

Leaping into action

DZC staff leapt into action after a female Bennett’s wallaby died while nursing a young joey in her pouch. Senior Keeper Laura Robbins has now stepped in as surrogate mum to provide round-the-clock care for the four-month-old male, who’s been named Barney. Laura, said: “Barney was fully furred but was very tiny. “We’ve never hand Continue reading Leaping into action

Peepo! We see you!

Visitors have started to spot our Bennett’s wallaby joeys who are having their first nosey at the outside world! These fab photographs were captured by Charlotte Christy of a joey enjoying the first sniff of springtime air in the walkthrough exhibit while still inside its mother’s pouch. Assistant Curator Jay Haywood, said: “We’ve seen two Continue reading Peepo! We see you!


Peepo! A young Bennett’s wallaby has made its debut appearance in the spring sunshine. The joey has yet to fully appear outside of its mother’s pouch, but keepers have spotted it having an initial nose around first, before deciding to take the leap! The marsupials, also known as red-necked wallabies, give birth after a gestation Continue reading Peepo!