Bamboo for pandas

Calling all green-fingered gardeners, can you help us!   We’re appealing for any donations of potted or rooted bamboo for our gorgeous red panda!   Our development team are currently in the process of renovating the panda’s hillside home, where work will include constructing new public viewing areas, on show housing, climbing frame and nesting […]

Thanks Gwen and Ken!

Our red pandas Yasmin and Gawa are in for a feast after bundles of bamboo plants were delivered to us by a kind-hearted couple. Gwen and Ken Edge have lived at their Bridgnorth home for 40 years and offered the excess plants to DZG after reading an appeal in the press. Gwen said: “The bamboo […]

Bamboo banquet

Offcuts from bamboo bushes at DZG have provided tasty treats for some of our animals. When members of our gardening team cut back the plants around the aviaries, they gave branches to keepers who shared it about their sections. Tapirs, kangaroos, red pandas, Barbary sheep and our giraffes, pictured with Keeper Ellis Robinson, all enjoyed […]

Thanks for the bamboo!

We’re continuing to extend our bamboo plantation thanks to the generosity of visitors. We recently received two large bamboo roots from a Milking Bank resident, which we’ve planted in the new anteater enclosure as additional greenery for the exhibit. Assistant Curator, Jay Haywood, said: “Several species enjoy bamboo as part of their daily diet and it’s […]