Supporting conservation

Visitors to Dudley Zoo and Castle this year have been helping support all creatures great and small across the globe! Throughout the last 12 months, the charity has held ten animal awareness events on site, raising more than £4,200 for in-situ animal conservation projects worldwide. These pop-up drives have not only allowed staff the opportunity […]

A 2022 baby boom!

There has been something of a baby boom at Dudley Zoo and Castle (DZC) this year, with many of the new arrivals being firsts in the zoo’s 85-year history.   Recent births over the last few weeks have included two critically endangered Bornean orangutan boys and a baby binturong. Detailed matchmaking goes into pairing animals […]

DZC unveils £500K orang enclosure

There were celebrations as Dudley Zoo and Castle (DZC) staff watched its four critically endangered Bornean orangutans exploring their brand new £500,000 outdoor enclosure for the very first time. After a year-long build at the Midlands attraction, staff report Djimat, Jazz, Sprout and Benji, have been making great use of the additional 1,300 square metre […]

Celebrating 85 years!

2022 is gearing up to be an exciting year for Dudley Zoo and Castle as it celebrates its 85th anniversary! Anniversary celebrations were kickstarted at the start of the year with the birth of a rare baby giant anteater, the first in DZC’s eight decades! The tiny baby, whose birth surprised keepers back in January, […]