Wildlife camera try out!

When we received a new wildlife camera, generously purchased for us from our Amazon wishlist, keepers couldn’t wait to try it out – and look what we captured on the first night’s filming… In off-show woodland on site we discovered we have another family of badgers! Conservation Officer Chris Leeson, said:  “During lockdown people up […]

Exciting update from badger watch!

We’ve got exciting news about our Dudley Zoo badger family  – we’ve got babies! After several nights camera trapping in the former wallaby enclosure, DZG’s Conservation Officer Chris Leeson was thrilled to capture on film a mother badger leading three cubs from their underground sett. Chris, pictured below said: “We think this could be one […]

Night-time native visitors

Night vision camera traps have captured a family of badgers who have made DZG their home. The native black-and-white mammals have moved into an old enclosure on site and trigger motion equipment has filmed a family of six appearing from their underground sett. The footage is great news for our Conservation Officer Chris Leeson, who […]

Pesky problem

Our gardeners have wheeled out 40 new green bins to keep a lid on the pesky problem of squirrels and badgers rummaging in rubbish. The zoo’s gardening team has taken delivery of the bins which have lids and special clips to hold bin liners in a bid to stop wildlife rifling through waste on our […]