Sweet sixteen

A mouth-watering melon was the perfect present for our Brazilian tapir mum Meena as she turned sweet sixteen today.

The birthday girl devoured the sweet treat with a little help from her 16-year-old partner Chico, who nuzzled in to share the gift when Meena had got about half way through.

Keeper Josh Luxton said: “Meena loves fresh fruit so we knew she would find the watermelon delicious on her special day. It was lovely and juicy too, so would have been very refreshing in this hot weather.”

Our three tapirs, mum Meena, dad Chico and one-year-old daughter Luna, are very popular with visitors and especially with Keepers for a Day who get chance to give them a tickle or two.

Tapirs are large browsing mammals, closely related to horses and rhinoceroses. They are similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile snout which is adapted for grasping and sniffing their way through the forest.

Have a marvellous day, Meena!