Sweet Deet!

Keepers have sexed our newest yellow-breasted capuchin and it’s another boy, who they’ve named Deet.

The baby was born in September to 16-year-old mum, Dinya and 12-year-old dad, Willow.

Upper Primates Section Leader Pat Stevens, said: “Deet’s making fantastic progress and is proving popular with our visitors.”

The critically endangered species form part of a European Endangered Species programme and remain the property of the Brazilian government.

Since we formed the group in 2012, we’ve had nine babies born here and they’ve all been male!

Our current troop includes juveniles Clint, Chewy, Archie, Chops, Doyle and Ted, and adults Dinya, Holly and Willow, with our oldest boys, Spot and Dougal relocating to Germany two years-ago.

Many thanks to Zoo Member Lauren Biboe for the photo!