Suzanne’s memorable 40th

An animal lover had an amazing 40th birthday when she became a zoo keeper for the day.


Suzanne was treated to the unusual gift by her husband and visited DZG with their two children, and had an unforgettable experience.

Suzanne said: “I started in Monkey Tails and then went on to give the chimps a drink, discovering they are quite partial to squash!

“I then then fed the orangutans and watched Sprout put on a bit of a show, although one of the highlights was entering the lemur enclosure where it was a mere matter of minutes before I was covered in lemurs.

“I then went onto the birds, which were fascinating. I was told I was going to take part in a display which I was a little nervous about, but the keepers kept me calm and holding the owl on my arm was a real treat. I then went backstage to prep some fish with vitamins to feed the penguins.

“After a lovely lunch and a catch up with my family, I went on to hand feed the big cats. Meeting the snow leopard was the highlight of the day for me. It was a truly gorgeous and amazing animal.

“I also enjoyed feeding the sealions during a talk although they were much bigger then I had anticipated!

“And finally, I met the giraffes and tapirs and was surprised to discover they loved having their tummy rubbed!

“All in all, it was a magical day for me and one I would recommend to anyone.

“What came through with every single keeper, is their dedication, passion, and knowledge over the animals they care after and made this a day I will never forget.”