Surveying bats

DZG staff joined forces with conservation group, BrumBats, to survey the wild bats across the 40-acre zoo site.

The group, also known as the Birmingham and Black Country Bat Group, spent two hours surveying bats living in and around two on-site caverns.

DZG Conservation Officer, Chris Leeson, said: “It went really well. We started just before sunset and using the group’s specialist bat detecting equipment, which used sound frequencies, we were able to pinpoint various species.

“We discovered seven different species, which is great news.”

It is hoped further bat surveys can be carried out in the coming months.

DZG is a keen supporter of the group’s ongoing bat conservation work.

The group also helped launch our Castle Creatures exhibit in 2015, which houses two species of bat – Egyptian fruit and Seba’s short-tailed bats.