Surprise for proud new dad

DZG Team Leader Jay Haywood had a big surprise in store when he returned from paternity leave.

Keepers on the Ungulates Section welcomed back the proud father with the news they had named a new Barbary sheep after his newborn son, Max.


Proud new dad Jay Haywood meets Max, the new Barbary sheep named after his newborn son


After all, Max the Barbary sheep was born on the same day as little Max Benjamin Haywood, who made his entrance into the world on February 26th and weighed in at 7lb 5oz.

Jay said: “I knew nothing about it until I came back into work but it was a nice surprise.

“I’m very proud and honoured my colleagues marked the arrival of my son in this way and hope my little Max will visit his namesake before too long.

“My son Max is a good baby and both mum and little one are doing really well.”

Max the Barbary sheep, pictured right, is leaping about his enclosure and settling in well with the rest of the group.


The youngster has already received an ear tag and his unique identification number which will remain with him throughout his lifetime, allowing keepers to record and keep track of his behaviour, diet, health and medication.