Supporting Sintang

Our Bornean orangutans here at DZC are amazing ambassadors for their cousins in the wild, but how are we helping orangutans in their native homeland?

Did you know we’ve pledged our financial support to Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) in Indonesia, which specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of these charismatic creatures, alongside raising awareness and educating local people in a bid to reduce deforestation and stop illegal poaching.
As part of our long-term commitment to SOC, we’re providing £100,000 over a five year period to allow the building of a second Forest School in Jerora, an area just over two kilometres away from Sintang.
Running alongside an already operational Forest School, this two-hectare jungle enclosure will allow around eight orangutans the chance to learn basic survival skills, such as climbing, foraging for food and nest building, before they’re released into protected wild forests.
By visiting our orangutan family here at the zoo, you’re helping us contribute this funding – THANK YOU!
Find out more about Sintang Orangutan Center HERE.