Supporting conservation

Visitors to Dudley Zoo and Castle this year have been helping support all creatures great and small across the globe!

Throughout the last 12 months, the charity has held ten animal awareness events on site, raising more than £4,200 for in-situ animal conservation projects worldwide.

These pop-up drives have not only allowed staff the opportunity to speak to thousands of visitors about the plight of many endangered species, but they’ve also been able to champion a number of causes DZC supports too, from the colourful red panda to the majestic Bornean orangutan.

And thanks to the generosity of visitors who support these days by taking part in games and raffles; buying souvenirs from the stalls or through purchasing pots of nectar to feed Australian Rainbow lorikeets on specific awareness days, DZC has been able to contribute to vital animal projects and charities, including the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative in Brazil, the Wild Camel Protection Foundation in the Gobi and Gashun Gobi deserts in north-west China and south-west Mongolia and The Kibale Chimpanzee Project in Uganda.

General admission ticket sales throughout the year has also enabled the Midlands attraction to top up the individual raised amounts from zoo coffers, allowing larger amounts to be forwarded to the animal projects and charities.

And this funding is all in addition to long-term contributions DZC already provides to a number of further global conservation projects, including those supporting binturong, capuchins, lemurs, snow leopards and most recently the zoo’s £100,000 pledge over five years to Sintang Orangutan Center (SOC) in Indonesia, which specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of these great apes.

With DZC’s funding SOC is building a two-hectare Forest School, which will allow around eight orangutans the chance to learn basic survival skills, such as climbing, foraging for food and nest building, before they’re released into protected wild forests.