Superb support all year

Dudley Zoo has welcomed more than 278,000 visitors through our gates this year – and each one has made a vital contribution to our conservation work, both on site and around the globe.


ABOVE – DZG visitors may not realise they are helping protect lemurs in Madagascar

Admission costs actively support our vital conservation programmes, paying for health checks, food bills, heating, bedding and treats for DZG animals as well as funding projects overseas.

One such project we have signed up to is a £5,050 education programme on the island of Madagascar – native home to lemurs – to fund nine primary school teachers over a five-year period.

We are already a year into the scheme, run through the Lemur Conservation Association AEECL, which aims to make a difference to people’s education, helping them to learn to protect their local habitats and so conserve lemurs in the wild.

dzg_lemur_eli_3_web_0   dzg_lemur_eli_3_web_0

ABOVE – Teachers in Madagascar build a firebreak and pupils in Betsimipoaka are being supported by AEECL

dzg_lemur_eli_3_web_0Zoo Director Derek Grove, pictured right, said: “We are incredibly thankful to people who support us at Dudley Zoo. They may not realise their visit helps to fund conservation programmes around the world like the one in Sahamalaza National Park, Madagascar.

“It’s an incredibly worthwhile project which we have committed to for five years. At the end of that period we will see how successful it has been and assess if support is needed in other areas.

“If we can get engagement with the locals by providing school teachers for their youngsters, we hope the scheme will help educate people about the importance of conserving their wildlife.

“Working with local communities is vital so we can teach people the best way to protect habitats and conserve lemurs in the wild.

“It’s a great link that our work educating visitors and children about lemurs in Dudley helps to fund the education of children in need.”

Thanks as always for supporting DZG – We look forward to seeing you soon!