From sunny Spain to DZG!

We’re saying hola to a new diesel locomotive, which has arrived at DZG from sunny Spain!

The new red and white land train formally transported holiday makers across the seafront in Alicante, but is now ready to carry thousands of visitors from the entrance to the heart of the zoological gardens in minutes.

And a third carriage will allow extra passengers to use the popular facility.

Zoo Manager Matt Lewis, said: “Our previous Dotto has transported families, buggies and wheelchair across the site for 29 years, but was showing its age.

“We’re limited to the type of train we can have because of the steep and bendy gradient of the site and the sharp turn it has to do by the castle, so we’re delighted to have sourced the same, newer model.

“And our visitors could have potentially used it before in Alicante as it was a popular tourist attraction.”

It is also hoped we can bring back the original Dotto engine, so we can always have one train on site at all times.

Matt added: “I know visitors were very fond of our land train, so we’re looking into the compatibility of using the old engine with the new carriages, so there’s every chance it will come back and we’ll use it as a back-up when this one has to go off for its annual inspections.”