Sunflower turns 1!

We’re wishing a very happy 1st birthday to reindeer, Sunflower – whose birth made headlines last year!

This time a year ago the UK was basking in a heatwave and July 19 was recorded as one of the hottest days of the year, as we welcomed our unusual delivery in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius!

Sunflower, born to mum, Lily, was born out of season, as reindeer births usually occur around April and May.

Within hours of us announcing her birth, Sunflower became a media star, featuring on local television, online and in newspapers, while her keepers were also interviewed on local radio.

We welcomed Sunflower’s half-sister, Jasmine, last August – making her birth even rarer!

This year three babies have boosted the herd, with the arrival of Ivy, Doreen and Sunflower’s brother, Basil, who was born on May 23.