Suncream for kids!

Staff at DZG’s farm found just the thing for a young goat at risk of sunburn in yesterday’s soaring temperatures – Factor 30 sun lotion for KIDS!

dzg_goat_suncream_4_web   Keepers were anxious that the farms’ two white pygmy goats didn’t suffer burning to their pale skin, so slapped on the lotion to protect the youngsters.   Senior Keeper, Kirsty Thornton – pictured in the goat paddock – said: “We have to be careful that certain animals don’t get burnt when the sun comes out and it gets quite strong in the goat paddock so we made sure the kids had a good covering of lotion to protect their skin.   “I just grabbed the nearest lotion from the cupboard and had a good laugh when I read ‘for kids’ on the label!”   dzg_goat_suncream_4_web Elsewhere across site staff made sure animals stayed cool in the sunshine by topping up drinking water levels and ensuring species such as Brazilian tapirs had a layer of protective cream applied to their backs, heads and legs.