Successful bird ringing

DZG visitors got up close to a number of native feathered friends during bird ringing demonstrations.

Brewood Ringers spent a day on site during half term, led by our Customer Services Team Member and trainee bird ringer, Emma Dingley, as they showed members of the public how they catch some of the zoo site’s small birds and ring them with a small identification tag.

DZG Conservation Officer, Chris Leeson, said: “The event went really well and the team caught 56 birds in total of ten different species in mist nests situated in off-show areas behind the kangaroo and giraffe enclosures, including a great                                                  spotted woodpecker and a nuthatch.

“Lots of visitors stopped by their stand to watch and find out more about the importance of ringing and the birds.”

All information gained from the event, which included recording the weight, sex and age of each bird will help ornithologists asses the native bird population in general as well as helping us monitor which native species call DZG their home.

Find out more about the group HERE.