Studley couple’s DZG day

Amanda Lowe and Nick Brown, from Warwickshire had a fantastic belated Christmas present at DZG.

As the couple became keepers for the day and met, fed and cleaned up after some of the world’s rarest animals.


Amanda, aged 23, from Studley, said: “It was a brilliant day. I bought it for Nick as we both like wildlife and visiting zoos and it was great that we were able to do it together as Nick is off to Germany with work for a few months, so it was something memorable to do together before that.”

During their day the pair fed Humboldt penguins and primates of all shapes and sizes, as well as meeting our big cats and our new arrivals including Rothschild’s giraffe, Kito.

Amanda added: “We particularly enjoyed getting to stroke some of the hand reared penguins, as they were really friendly. The chimps were also a big favourite and we loved giving them drinks, although seeing baby Kito was a big highlight!

“We truly loved the whole day and also liked going round with different keepers as we learned lots from each and every one.

“Thank you all for an amazing day. We have already recommended the experience to lots of friends!”