Students’ study behaviour

Fifty-eight pupils from Wood Green Academy, in Wednesbury, discovered all about animal behaviour and conservation when they visited DZG.


The sixth form students spent a morning on site with year 12 pupils learning about conservation with Presenter Langan Turner, while a year 13 group worked with Presenter Pam Midwood in an animal behaviour workshop.

While Langan explained the importance of conservation and the work we do here at DZG, Pam introduced her group to three animals who appear in our daily Go Wild! Shows – black and white ruffed lemur, Broom, the Discovery Centre’s female rats and gold and blue macaw, Charlie, as she explained about learning behaviour and training.


Pam, pictured above, with Broom, said: “I focused the workshop on the different learning methods we use to train our animals, such as clicker training and through food treats and Broom, the rats and Charlie showed off their skills on the Go Wild! Theatre’s high ropes before the students were given the opportunity to try out the training techniques for themselves.”

web_press_pictures_31.3.14_027_copyAs well as animal training, the workshop also dealt with animal behaviour of primates – comparing the social dynamics of DZG’s orangutans and chimps.

The students discovered how to collect data to create ethograms – studies of animal behaviour – and compared the behaviour and social interactions of our seven female chimpanzees when food was present and then absent.

Head of Lower Primates, Nicola Wright – pictured right – also met the group and explained the social hierarchy within the unit and introduced each chimp, explaining how keepers identify them from one another. 

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