Striking conservation message

Have you spotted our striking graffiti orangutan wall?

We’ve drawn on the talents of Birmingham-based contemporary graffiti artist, David Brown, to help us emphasise vital conservation messages about the devastation palm oil is wreaking on this charismatic critically endangered species.
David has produced four fantastic pieces of artwork on the wooden fencing of the new enclosure. Using spray can paint, he’s portrayed a juvenile, male and female orangutan, as well as a wheelbarrow of baby orangs, to depict the many orphaned babies who are being rehabilitated back into the wild at Forest School, like the one we’re funding at Sintang Orangutan Center.
We’ll be adding to the interpretation around the enclosure in the coming weeks and will be including further informative signage and interactive elements around the threats of palm oil and ways we can help orangutans in the wild in a specially-built conservation hut.