Strike may delay zoo arrival at Heathrow

Staff will be keeping a close eye on tomorrow’s strike action at Heathrow airport.

Monkey-Spider-Valentine-wbAn overnight freight flight carrying a rare spider monkey from a Danish collection bound for DZG is due to touchdown at 7.40am on Thursday, December 1, but keepers are anxious that industrial disruption may lead to delays.

CEO, Peter Suddock, said:?”We were hopeful that the primate would be with us by late afternoon on Thursday, but are concerned the previous day’s strike action may lead to a backlog at the airport.”

The animal is travelling within the EU so, thankfully, this doesn’t involve CITES restrictions and once she has been unloaded from the receiving shed and documentation cleared at the animal health border point, she will be available for collection and on her way to Dudley.

“We have been in contact with customs officials and discussed the matter with our carriers; everyone is aware of the situation and, hopefully, she will be settling into her new home early Thursday evening.”

The four-year-old female, who is transferring from Aarlborg Zoo, will be based in DZG’s quarantine enclosures for six months before joining the rest of the primate group.

CAPTION: Waiting to meet you: DZG’s spider monkey, Valentine awaits our new female from Denmark.