Storm prompts snappy decision

Friday night’s freak winds forced keepers to make a snappy decision after a section of the Reptile House blew off and exposed a female West African dwarf crocodile, named Janet, to the night sky!


  Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “The high winds lifted a panel above the croc’s vivarium, so keepers had an early start on Saturday securing the Reptile House roof.   “There was absolutely no risk of Janet escaping as she is within a secure enclosure inside the building, and spot heaters in the vivarium ensured there was no problem with temperatures falling.   “Everyone was surprised to see the section off, but the winds were very strong on the hill on Friday and just caught the side of the Reptile House which is on the turn of road leading up to the castle.”   storm_damage_017   She added: “Janet, who’s 16, wasn’t in the slightest affected by the night’s happenings; all she was interested in was her breakfast on Saturday morning and seemed thoroughly unimpressed by the goings-on.”