Stocking up for summer!

More than 1,200 bedding plants have been added to DZG’s formal borders to keep the site looking lovely for our visitors.


Hundreds of bedding geraniums and French marigolds have been planted in the nine beds near the Castle keep as part of our annual summer planting programme.

DZG Head Gardener Carl Stevens said the gardening team always made sure the formal borders were re-stocked before the Spring Bank Holiday.

They will now move on to add bedding plants to other gardens around our 40-acre site.

webbordersCarl said: “We stick to geraniums and marigolds as other bedding plants, such as begonias, have been eaten in the past by our peacocks.

“The marigolds are already in flower and within the next couple of weeks the geraniums will be in bloom.

“We are praying for rain, but only at night! We want rain in the night to water the plants and then sunshine in the day for all our visitors.”

The gardening team, pictured right, will now move on to plant African marigolds and fan palms near the Victorian cottage, known affectionately as Harry Hatch’s Cottage after the Head Gardener who lived there when the zoo opened to the public in 1937.

Borders near reptiles, flamingos and spider monkeys will also be filled with mixed plants.