Sticking to five a day!

DZG’s lar gibbon family soon got stuck in to snacks on sticks which their keeper made as a fun way to give them their five a day!

Senior Upper Primate Keeper Sian-Leigh Simner used pieces of bamboo to make natural skewers for chunks of apple, pear, banana, sweet potato and carrot, which the family of five tucked into.

Mum Meo, dad Huggy, their six-year-old daughter Penny and their three-year-old son Indah all bit into the healthy kebabs with the baby of the group, Gary, managing a few mouthfuls.

Sian-Leigh said: “This was a different and interesting way to give them their fruit and veg and they all seemed to enjoy pulling the food off the sticks.

“Gary, who is only six months old, managed to pick up a few pieces and licked them to get a taste but isn’t quite ready for large pieces of solid food just yet.

“And they can eat the sticks too so I would say, all in all, the kebabs were a big hit.”