Stateside sisters had super time!

Stateside sisters Imogen and Phoebe Barnes had a wild time as DZG Little Zoo Keepers during their vacation overseas.


ABOVE: Imogen and Phoebe Barnes meet giant rabbits The BFG and Alvin down on the Farm with Trainee Keeper Chris Leeson. BELOW: Cleaning out down on the DZG Farm.

webusalzk1The pair from Connecticut, USA, were in the region with their family visiting relatives including grandparents and aunties.

Their auntie Jackie Freeman, from Rowley Regis, arranged for Imogen, aged 13, and 11-year-old Phoebe to feed, clean out and care for some our animals during the half-day experience.

The pair enjoyed working on the Farm, meeting creatures in our Discovery Centre and tickling the tapirs.

They also fed our colony of Humboldt penguins and both said they had a great time.

Imogen said: “This whole thing was organised as a surprise for us and it was very exciting.

“Our parents were from this area originally and moved to America for work. We come back every couple of years but this was a real treat.”

The sisters were also delighted to meet some of our apes, their favourite animals, as DZG’s Amy Paddock took them to say hello to our Bornean orang utans.

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