Sss-uper enrichment efforts!

Some of DZG’s reptiles were treated to handmade enrichment activities, thanks to the crafty efforts of Senior Keeper, Sam Grove. 

web_reptiles1_1Rhino iguanas Jane and Trigger got stuck into cardboard boxes filled with scrunched up paper, which hid live mealworms and crickets, while Junior was kept busy trying to get at wriggling mealworms in a dangling plastic bottle.

web_reptiles1_1Sam, said: “The Florida box turtles and Chinese water dragon also enjoyed mealworms in a plastic bottle. I made holes in the bottom of the bottles so that the meal worms woulddrop out slowly, but if the reptile tapped the bottle the food came out faster.

web_reptiles1_1“It’s a new thing I’ve tried over the last few months, when I’ve been able to get live food, but the reptiles seem to love it and it keeps them amused for ages!”

Sam leaves the enrichment activities in the enclosures for the whole day and varies where he puts them every time, so the reptiles are kept on their toes!

See the reptiles playing with their enrichment games in the video below…