Sprouts on the menu

Christmas is on the horizon and there are sprouts on the menu at DZG!

Staff are incorporating the Brussels as part of many rare species’ five-a-day – and that means veg prepping aplenty for keepers across the site.


Senior Keeper Laura Robbins gets set to prep the festive sprouts.

Head of Media and Communications Jill Hitchman said:?”We always use locally-sourced fruit and vegetables throughout the year for the whole collection.

“With an annual food bill topping £105,000 we have to buy the best seasonal produce we can get, so sprouts inevitably creep their way on to the animals’ menu in wintertime.

“All the vegetarians tuck in; tapirs, orang utans, chimps, peccaries, guanaco, some of the reptiles, and even Santa’s reindeer enjoy their sprout rations.”

Fancy prepping the veg for exotic and endangered species? Join our Keeper for a Day / Little Zoo Keeper experiences and find out just what some of the world’s rarest animals eat for breakfast! 

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