Sprout pout trick

Hello! Sprout here! Can you believe it’s my first birthday in just 16 days time?!

Orangutan-Sprout-7webI’ve had such a busy year meeting visitors and have learnt so many things, including how much I love eating bananas and grapes.

But my newest trick is blowing raspberries!

The keepers think I’ve learnt this from my dad, Jorong, because he makes the same funny noise when he wants to attract their attention.

His are louder than mine though, so I think I’m going to have to keep practising!

Incidentally, my mum, Jazz, is NOT amused! So, to keep her happy (and me out of trouble) you could adopt her for Mother’s Day.   My friends in Marketing have put together a special adoption package. Click here to find out more.   See you soon,

Sprout X