Sprout loses first tooth!

Sprout, our juvenile orangutan has lost her first baby tooth!

Upper Primate keepers have noticed the six year-old Bornean has lost her top front right tooth and her first adult tooth is already making an appearance!

Keeper Deb Pittaway, said: “Orangutans usually start losing their milk teeth around five years of age, so Sprout is a bit of a late starter.

“I think now the first one has come out, the rest won’t be too long to follow and she’ll soon have a mouth of wobbly pearly whites!”

Orangutans have 32 permanent adult teeth, the same number as humans, which include incisors, canines, premolars and molars and similar to us, the adult teeth push out the baby ones.

Keepers will continue keeping a close eye on the cheeky little great ape with regular mouth checks, where they use training signs to encourage all four of our orangutans to open their mouth and show their teeth.