Sprout has crate fun!

Three-year-old Sprout is following in Benji’s footsteps – with a bread crate fast becoming her new favourite toy!


It’s well-known that 36-year-old Bornean orang utan, Benji, loves his plastic crate, taking it with him wherever he goes – including to bed each night!

Despite primate keepers’ best efforts to try and swop it for a new one, Benji refuses to be parted from it and now it seems Sprout wants to join in the fun with one too!


The cheeky youngster has been spotted dragging her crate around the outdoor enclosure, balancing it on her head, sitting in it and generally having a crate time!


Upper Primates Keeper, Zoe Taylor, said: “We’re not sure why the orangs seem to love the crates so much.

“Benji certainly adores his, it’s almost like a comfort blanket, which he has with him all the time, but we added one into the girls’ enclosure and Sprout is having great fun with it too and is devising all sorts of games to play.”

See Sprout playing with her crate in the short video below…