Sprout’s wonderful workout!

DZG’s young Bornean orang utan, Sprout, had a blast doing an energetic exercise routine in her enclosure.

Delighted visitors and keepers spotted the loveable four-year-old limbering up, stretching, swinging on the ropes and even doing a forward roll.

ABOVE: Over she goes… Sprout shows off her gymnastic skills

At the end of her routine, they even saw playful Sprout cool down in the Orang Utan House with a bottle of her favourite warm squash.


ABOVE: Sprout’s wonderful workout – Limbering up, on the ropes and enjoying the cool down

DZG Upper Primates Team Leader, Pat Stevens, said: “Sprout just doesn’t stop, she’s a bundle of energy and is always on the go.

“She’s forever rolling over and jumping around, especially when she has an audience.

“It’s great to watch Sprout in action and our visitors love seeing what she’s up to.”

ABOVE: Sprout relaxes after her delightful display