Sprout’s superhero smacker!

Gorgeous Bornean orang utan Sprout looked just like a filmstar when she gave her mum an extraordinary kiss – Spider-Man style!


ABOVE LEFT – Head over heels… DZG’s Sprout prepares to plant a smacker on her mum Jazz 

ABOVE RIGHT – Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst’s “Spider-Man” kiss is one of the most iconic in recent years (Columbia Pictures)

The magical moment, which mirrored the famous kiss from the hit 2002 Hollywood blockbuster Spider-Man, was captured on camera by DZG regular Kathryn Willett.

The Dudley Zoo member and amateur photographer was thrilled with her stunning snap of Sprout puckering up for mum Jazz while hanging upsidedown.

And the image has amazed DZG keepers who said they had not seen behaviour like it from four-year-old Sprout before.

Head of Upper Primates Pat Stevens said: “I’ve never seen Sprout in such a position, never hanging upsidedown and she’s not normally that affectionate.

“She’s certainly mischievous and naughty and only normally goes up to cuddle her mum for reassurance after she’s been told off!

“Kathryn’s picture is just outstanding. She always seems to be there at the right moment.”

Spider-Man won an MTV award for ‘Best Kiss’ – the movie industry’s only accolade for onscreen embraces (Columbia Pictures)