Springtime arrivals

Families from across the country have been learning about some of the world’s rarest species at DZG and meeting springtime newcomers including . . .

Female giraffes Josie and Mia DZG-camels

Five-week-old Brazilian tapir Tallulah   Amur tiger Makari   Twelve-month-old Bactrian camels Charles and Jamindi   Six-month-old micro-pig Harley   Four-month-old Lar gibbon Luna   Record numbers of  meerkats (13) and Asiatic short-clawed otters (11) – the largest parent reared groups in DZG’s 74-year-history   Newborns at the Farm including chicks, Barbary sheep Clover and Thyme and Icelandic lamb, Tigerlily   DZG-camelsFour Sulawesi crested macaques   DZG Chief Executive Peter Suddock said: “The camels are settling in well in their newly-built enclosure near the farm.    DZG-camels“We haven’t had camels on site for more than a decade and the enclosure has been designed and built in-house by keeping staff, so it’s been a busy time for everyone to get things ready for our main season.”   Other hands-on springtime projects staff have completed include refurbishing one of the site’s iconic Tecton structures, to provide accommodation for Asiatic black bear, Inca, and four gelada baboons due to arrive at the end of May.     CAPTIONS:  Keeper Darren Sadler with Bactrian camel Charles and (below) micro-pig Harley      Baby Lar gibbon Luna and mum  Barbary sheep babes Clover and Thyme   Trainee keeper Cerys Grove with month-old  Brazilian tapir Tallulah   DZG-camels   DZG-camels