Spring brings babies!

Spring’s in the air and we’ve welcomed new babies to DZG, just in time for the Easter holidays!

Yesterday we revealed our newborn capuchin, but today we can introduce you to a pair of pygmy marmosets, a barbary sheep and the first reindeer calf of the year!

Oakley the barbary sheep was born on March 27 and has already been sexed and tagged by keepers, who discovered it’s a boy!

While busy pygmy marmoset mum, Pam, gave birth to her tenth and eleventh babies on April 1.

Section Leader, Pat Stevens, said: “Pam’s a very experienced mum and she and her twins seem to be doing well.”

The two youngsters join siblings Pumpkin, Spice, Duncan, Edward, Zippy, Bill, Ted, Ronnie, Reggie and dad, Hendrix in the Small Primate House.

And on Monday nine year-old reindeer, Maggie, gave birth to DZG’s first baby reindeer of 2017.

Assistant Curator Jay Haywood said: “The calf seems strong and healthy and is feeding well.

“It spent the first few days snuggled inside with mum, but we’re hoping it will soon be joined by further babies in the paddock in the coming weeks.”

Dad is four year-old Ghost.

If you’re visiting DZG over the Easter break make sure you visit our new arrivals – which also includes our three week-old ring-tailed lemur, who is already delighting visitors to Lemur Wood.