Spreading the love!

Love is in the air at DZG after 10 lovebirds arrived as part of a breeding programme.


The black-cheeked lovebirds – Africa’s most endangered parrots – transferred from Drusillas Park in East Sussex to join the five we already have.

Senior Bird Keeper, Ben Vanes, said “Our expanded group of lovebirds are settling into their large aviary and are all getting along very well.

“They were all mingling within the space of 10 minutes so I’m sure we’ll see some courting behaviour before too long!”

DZG has successfully bred this species before and some of our surplus birds in the past have been transferred to other collections to boost conservation programmes.


They sleep with their heads tucked under their wings or resting on their chests

They are called lovebirds because of the close bonds they form with their mate for the whole of their lives

And there’s even more love to go round later in the week – as DZG gears up for Love Your Zoo week 2015, which runs from May 23 to 30.

dzg_lovebirds_web_1a_0Throughout the week there will be a heart trail around the 40-acre site where visitors have to search for hidden clues in a bid to win an animal adoption of their favourite DZG creature.

There’s also colouring activities in our education block and on the Farm and we’re having a love wall in our Discovery Centre too. Keepers and visitors can write down comments on why our zoo is special to them and the heart-shaped notes will be added to the display.

Love Your Zoo Week encourages the public to visit their local BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) zoos, aquariums and wildlife centres to discover brilliant and exciting projects that are happening right now on their doorstep.