Spotted on Site

DZC doesn’t just care for the big exotic animals, we’re also a marvellous home to a vast array of native species.

And if you’re planning on visiting the zoo during the holidays, we need your help to record them!

As part of the BIAZA’s new campaign, Spotted on Site, we’re encouraging visitors to download the free iNaturalist app on your phones and record any native wildlife you spot during your visit to the zoo, including insects, birds and plants.

The results from the participating zoos and aquariums will help provide an insight into how biodiverse the natural areas of BIAZA members can be, as well as providing vital data for projects across the globe.

DZC’s Conservation and Education Presenter, Beth Randell, said: “It’s really fun and easy to take part.

“Once you have taken your photo at the zoo, which could include a butterfly, beetle or bird, upload your picture to the iNaturalist app and make sure to have your phone’s location enabled or put Dudley Zoo and Castle as the location.

 “Your entry will be recorded and reviewed by a specialist, who will confirm its correct identity.

“As part of the Spotted on Site campaign, we’re also competing against other BIAZA collections across the UK and we were in the lead for the number of observations we’d recorded on site, but have recently been overtaken by other zoos, so we need visitors help to get back to the top!”

Find out more about iNaturalist HERE