Spot the joey

Keepers have spotted the first signs of new babies in the Parma wallaby enclosure.

DZG-joey-web-1One joey has been seen peering out of mum’s pouch in the main wallaby enclosure, while the other has been spotted in Wallaby Walkthrough.

However keeper Jay Haywood said it could be another month until both babies fully emerge.

He said: “Wallabies are very tiny, blind and have no fur when they are born and develop in the pouch for six months.

“We can usually tell if a female is to give birth as she licks a line of fur on her stomach and as soon as the baby is born, it climbs along the damp fur and straight into the mother’s pouch, where it latches onto a teat.

“But then we have to wait for around five months until we start seeing their faces peeking from the pouch, but they don’t fully appear until a few weeks later, so we’re still waiting to see them.”