Spooky Sprout’s sheet shoutout!

Whooooooo! We’re gearing up for Hallowe’en and all getting into the spooky spirit here at DZG – orangutans included!


Our great apes are all playful primates who love making up games with whatever they can get their hands on, so we’re renewing our plea for unwanted pillow cases, duvet covers, clean sheets and towels, which can make great ghost costumes at this time of year!

12096028_10207813078910017_1182693790321198320_nSection Leader Pat Stevens, said: “DZG visitors are always so generous and our last appeal at the beginning of the year for linen was so successful that we ran out of room to store them.

“However those stocks are now running low and we’re hoping to replenish supplies for our Bornean orangutans and chimpanzees, who wrap themselves up in them and turn them into hammocks and generally have great fun playing all sorts of games.

“This means they don’t last long and we usually have to throw them away after a day’s play, so we do get through a lot.”

Any donations of clean sheets, towels, duvet covers (but no duvets please) can be handed to our Customer Services team in the Safari Shop.

Huge thanks to zoo member, Phillip Collett, for the scary Sprout and Jazz photos!