Splendid looking camels

Our three Bactrian camels are beginning to look quite splendid after being given a helping hand with their moulting hair.

Keepers installed a second scratching post – made of soft bristle brush heads backed on to a piece of wood – on the outside wall of the camels’ paddock which Charles, Jimandi and Fergie can use themselves to scratch off their shedding thick coat.

The camels have had the innovatively designed scratcher in their indoor den for a couple of years, which has already had to be replaced after it became worn from continual use!

Senior Keeper, Lesley Lewis, said: “The camels love their indoor scratcher, so we knew an outdoor one would also be go down well, but it’s great watching them have a good old scratch and it helps relieve some of the itchiness of their moulting hair whenever they need it.

“Charles looks very handsome now and the girls don’t have much of a straggly coat left to moult out, so they’ll all soon look gorgeous!”

Don’t forget to see our camels when you next visit the zoo – you can find their paddock adjacent to the children’s playground down by the farm.