Spare any sheets?

DZG has put out a plea for spare sheets and leftover linen to provide hours of entertainment for our playful primates.

The four Bornean orangs and our seven female chimps love making costumes and playing games with sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and towels – but our stocks are running desperately low.

Head of Upper Primates Pat Stevens said: “Our great apes love making up games and wrapping themselves in sheets and whatever else they can get their hands on.

“Our visitors are always generous when we ask them to donate surplus items to the zoo and our stores are nearly empty. We’re hoping they can help replenish supplies for our orangs and chimps who get a lot of enrichment and enjoyment from playing with the sheets.

“We usually have to throw the sheets or towels away after a day’s play, so we do get through a huge amount and appreciate any help people can give us.”

Any donations of clean sheets, pillow cases, towels and duvet covers (but no duvets or dressing gowns please) can be handed to our Customer Services team in the Safari Shop.

Huge thanks to zoo member, Karen Edwards, for the great photos!