Something different underfoot!

When keepers painted the chimp indoor house floor, our seven girls immediately knew something was different underfoot!

The Lower Primates staff have been busy over the last few weeks revamping the indoor area with colourful greenery stencilled onto the walls and a new glossy brown paint on the floor.

Senior Keeper Jade Reddall said: “The girls clocked straight away that something was different and for a while all stood looking at the floor for quite a while, not quite sure what to do.

“But as soon as one put their foot on it, they all followed as then it was obviously safe to walk on!

“They spent a long time walking around the house and they’d suddenly stop, put their lips to the floor, then get up and carry on! It was quite amusing to watch their reaction.

“The new decoration has definitely brightened up the space, which is what we wanted and it has given it much more of a natural theme and thankfully it’s easily wiped clean as the girls do leave it in a bit of a state each day!”