Someone old, someone new!

Today we’re celebrating two birthdays – one old, one new – as we mark milestones for Fanny and Bubbles.

Chimpanzee Fanny, our oldest ape at DZG, is 44 on the same day our most recent arrival, male giant anteater Bubbles, turned one.

And while Fanny enjoyed chilling out, we knew exactly what to serve up for Bubbles, who arrived just two weeks ago from Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, as his former keepers told us he loves avocado.

Senior Keeper Sarah Evans said: “Bubbles has settled in really well and is now sharing the paddock with our female Romy.

“They are together all day and just separated at night at the moment so we can monitor their feeding.

“Bubbles is very nosey and loves to explore the paddock. We usually give him avocado in the evening, as keepers did at Longleat, and then he knows that after his favourite snack it’s time for bed.”

Many happy returns of the same day, Fanny and Bubbles!