Solid start for lynx twins

Three-month-old Carpathian lynx twins Dante and Dakota have just enjoyed their first taste of solid food.

weblynx_meat_1   weblynx_meat_1

ABOVE: The young lynx twins have started on solids

The gorgeous brothers are growing up fast and have had a go at eating their own joints of meat.

Senior Keeper Sarah Evans, who took the pictures above and a video of the boys munching on the meat, said the pair were getting stronger every day.

She said: “We’ve tried Dante and Dakota with large pieces of meat and they are managing to eat some of it.

“We are still mincing meat for them as well to make it easier until they develop further and their teeth get stronger.

“But they are doing so well and learning new behaviours from their parents and siblings all the time.”

Dante and Dakota were born to mum Daisy and dad Dave on May 20 and have one-year-old siblings called Dick, Dom and Daphne.

It’s become a DZG tradition to give each member of the lynx family a name beginning with the letter D.

The native names Dante and Dakota were decided on by big cat keepers earlier this month.

See the brothers having their first solid food in Sarah’s video below.