Solid start for baby otters

Our baby otters are coming along nicely and enjoying their first tastes of solid food.


ABOVE – Growing up fast… DZG’s new otter family. Thanks to member Steve Weaver for these wonderful pictures.

The pups are out in the enclosure at lot more now after spending their first couple of months in an underground den, called a holt.


The youngsters, three of which are pictured above, were born to mum Keyah and dad Buddy around three months ago.

Keepers won’t know the sex of the little ones until they are microchipped at around 12 months of age.

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “They are starting to eat solid food now and trying to copy what their mum and dad do.

“They are also getting interested in the water so we expect to see them swimming a lot more now.

“The pups are all very active and doing well. They are getting lots of visitors, especially from some of the keen photographers who have been looking forward to taking some shots of their progress.”

Ten-year-old dad Buddy arrived at DZG from Lake District Wildlife Park this April as a new mate for Keyah and they hit it off straightaway.

Thanks Steve for the otter-ly fab family portrait!