Soft spot for Ross!

Lower Primates staff are taking a softly-softly approach with newly-arrived titi monkey Ross by cooking his veg to make it easier to eat!


Senior Keeper Stacey Ball, pictured above, and the rest of our Lower Primates team are popping the 27-year-old monkey’s meals in the microwave so he can manage to munch.


Coppery titi monkeys Ross and his six-year-old son Frank have recently translocated from a collection in Sweden as part of an international conservation programme.

The pair, pictured left with Lower Primates Section Leader Nicola Wright, transferred from Skansen Aquarium in Stockholm last month and it’s the first time we’ve held the species in DZG’s 78-year history.

DZG Registrar and Research Co-ordinator, Dr David Beeston, said: “Ross and Frank are both enjoying a varied diet of fruit, veg, mealworms and bread.

“Just as staff in Stockholm used to cook Ross’s veg for him to help his old gums, our keepers are doing the same here by microwaving it to soften it for him.”

The new boys can be seen in our Monkey Tails walkthrough experience on the site’s lower level.