Snowy greetings, everyone

Happy Saturday – just thought I’d share this pic of me eating my yummy breakfast in the snow. 


It’s the first time I’ve seen snow and I’m loving it, just look at those icy bits on my whiskers and fur!!   Me, mum and dad have been playing out since the snow fell, not like our fussy neighbours, the giraffes, who stayed inside in their cosy den at the first mention of ice.    The keepers say it’s important for them not to fall over or they could break a leg; not me, I love tumbling around in the snow!   And I’ve heard there’s more on the way, yay, lot’s of weekend fun!!   If you do come on site wrap up warm and take care on the hills and make sure you find your way to the red panda enclosure to say hello.

Jasper X

a cheeky red panda, aged six months