Snow much fun!

Heavy snowfall brought snow much fun for some DZG animals – including our lionesses who demolished a snowman in seconds.

Our Asiatic lionesses Kyra and Asha had a ball knocking the head off a snowman which Big Cat Keeper Josh Luxton built to provide some exciting playtime for the pair.

Other snow lovers were our red pandas, Carpathian lynx, otters and Patagonian sea lions who were in their element in the wintry weather.

Curator Richard Brown said: “For animals like our lynx and red panda the snow is the most natural environment. The lions loved their snowman which provided some great enrichment for them, as it was something different.”

“Others, such as our giraffes and birds, were kept inside and we provided extra heating and bedding where it was needed.

“We also had to make sure enclosure roofs and food troughs were free of snow and had to break the ice in the sea lion pool a couple of times.”

Unfortunately the extreme weather forced us to stay closed Friday and Saturday but Richard praised our dedicated keeping staff and gardening team who cleared heavy snow drifts to get the zoo open again to visitors on Sunday.