Snow leopards on the ropes

Robust rope has been fitted in DZG’s snow leopard enclosure to form a new scratching post for the popular big cats.

snowrope1   snowrope1   snowrope1

ABOVE – Nanga, left, and young son Makalu, right, are learning the ropes

Keepers have replaced the old worn cord with new heavy duty rope to allow Dad Margaash, mum Nanga and their one-year-old son Makalu to have fun playing and keep their claws sharp at the same time.

Section Leader Jay Haywood said: “The old rope needed replacing as we change it once or twice a year.

“The giant scratching post is made of industrial strength rope and we have left one section dangling down so the cats can have fun playing and exercising.

“We can also spray the rope with scents for enrichment and the snow leopards will also use it to keep their claws sharp.

“Nanga has been playing with the new cord a lot and Makalu is also learning the ropes.”

See if the new scratching post is being put to good use when you next visit our snow leopard family!